Risk Assessment

Hazard Risk Control
Flowing water Drowning Anglers advised strong currents can be hazardous.
Deep holes in river bed Drowning Anglers advised of the risk of deep holes and to take care.
Crossing bridges stiles fences and ditches Slipping tripping and falling Anglers advised to only use crossing places provided$$and to take care especially in weather conditions when surfaces may be slippery.
Uneven ground surfaces Tripping and falling Anglers advised to take care when walking.
Steep banks Slipping and falling Anglers advised these can be slippery and to take care.
Electric Stock Fences Electrocution Anglers are advised to expect these to be on and to cross at the protected places.
Vehicular access points Driving accident Anglers are advised to exercise extreme caution at all entry and exit points.
Car Parking Driving accident/damage to cars etc. Anglers are advised that all vehicles are parked entirely at their own risk.
Farm Machinery and farm stock Accident Anglers are advised that both can be dangerous at close proximity and to keep well$$away from both.
Overhead power lines Electrocution Anglers are banned from fishing under power lines. Please keep well clear of all$$power lines and remember the overall length of your rod and line.
Leptospirosis (Weil's disease) Pathogen infection Anglers to cover any cuts / abrasions on hands. Wash hands prior to eating / smoking.
Sharp hooks / flies Damage to eyes Always wear sunglasses and a peaked cap / hat whilst on river
Lyme Disease Tick-borne Pathogen infection Cover exposed skin and apply suitable insect repellent.$$Check for any ticks on exposed skin and remove by recommended means or consult doctor.Be aware of Lyme disease symptoms and seek medical advice. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-22468181.
Insect Bites Anaphylactic Shock In case of any doubt call emergency services.